Engineering contains two departments: Process Engineering and CAM. This bicameral arrangement facilitates parallel processing of quick turn work and the specialization to meet your detailed requirements.          

Centralized Electronic Library
Specifications for our 500+ customers are maintained electronically in a Document Controlled Database. All customer prints are also stored securely on our Windows 2008 Server network with Group Policy controlling access. Electronic access to our Supplier’s Certifications and Technical Data Sheets forms a part of this system as well. Engineering works hand in hand with IT to ensure the speed and precision of an optimized paperless system.

Six Sigma Shop Vision
Real time key indicator data is feed directly from the production floor into relational databases. Engineers can link to detailed performance results on individual part numbers or view the data in an aggregated Digital Dashboard format. Timely feedback coupled with data mining capabilities allow for Continuous Process Improvement and predictive modeling for new designs.

In addition to the electronic monitoring, ‘hands on’ Clinic locations are provided on the Manufacturing Floor. Here the Engineers can evaluate in-process product under high magnification with direct access to the Customer’s original artwork and our production artwork. This attention to detail allows us to separate Special Cause defects from Process Improvement opportunities. This DMAIC process helps achieve a higher total effective equipment performance (TEEP) metric.

OEM Standard for Printed Board Manufacturers' Qualification Profile