Every design receives a thorough and complete analysis before entering our DfM process. With over 200 custom scripts our Genesis 2000 software is highly leveraged to become the perfect tool for the task.

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Analysis and DfM

As machines and techniques are improved on the plant floor the capability parameters are raised in our online check lists. Having a very granular and current representation of manufacturing’s capabilities allows each operator to produce the most optimized tool. Additionally each CAM builder spends time on the manufacturing floor to ensure no detail is lost.


With over 1000 layers tooled per month we have a schedule to keep. So to keep us on track we have developed a TCL/MySQL based software solution which runs on both Linux and Windows. Complete with an electronic Hold ticket system integrated into our ERP software.

Shop Floor Integration

By embedding real time feedback into the manufacturing process the CAM operators can create optimized tools in real time. The dynamic output of one operation seamlessly becomes the input variable of the next.