Holaday’s greatest asset is its people. Ongoing training of our employees is necessary to insure that all processes are performed correctly.

A formal Certification Training Program is in place. This program’s emphasis is twofold: First, process related responsibilities and the skills required to perform them are identified. Employees are then trained in all aspects of these requirements. In addition, a thorough understanding of why process steps are performed, as specified, is also communicated.

Upon completion of this training, an employees understanding and comprehension of the information presented is reviewed prior to them taking responsibility for process implementation.

In addition to specific job and process training all employees are also trained in the areas of safety such as Right To Know, Emergency Evacuation, etc.

OSHA and Environmental training is conducted to assure Holaday stays current and is meeting all Regulatory requirements.

As a part of continuous improvement efforts, Holaday has employees trained as Green Belts and Black Belts to utilize problem solving skills.

To insure ongoing training is completed, as required per the Certification Training Program, employee training records are maintained in a central database. This information is reviewed and audited to verify that employee training is current.