Process Engineering

Our Process Engineers pull together information from a wide range of sources. So this process must be efficient and accurate. To make sure every requirement is met we have enlisted best of breed software. And when COTS software would not fit the bill we simply write our own.

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Vantage ERP by Epicor

The Epicor Product Data Management (PDM) module allows all departments at Holaday to stay on the ‘same page’. An early adopter of Microsoft .NET and Web services technology Epicor has won the 2008 Product of the Year Award from Customer Interaction Solutions magazine. By licensing the source code we are able to leverage this great software to a new level of functionality.

Layup Calculator by Holaday

Built using the latest .NET framework the Layup Calculator can handle the most complex designs. Hole-filled sequential lamination with controlled impedance and mixed materials? Not a problem. And the shop floor integration provides timely information on key characteristics at the point of use.

Impedance Tracker by Holaday

TDR Measurements are imported into a relational database for archiving and six sigma analysis. These results are also integrated into the Layup Calculator for data mining of similar impedance configurations.

LAP Tracker by Holaday

The LAP tracker is the backbone of our inner layer movement prediction system. This data is gathered via X-Ray before the first drill is placed in the panel. When combined with specific stackup information contained within the Layup calculator the nuances of inner layer movement are revealed.

Panelization by Holaday

Efficient panel utilization can be one of the biggest cost drivers for a manufactured part. And optimizing it is a great way to go Green while still being mindful of specific coupon placement requirements.
  • Vantage by Epicor (ERP system with source code)
  • Custom Layup, Panelization, Impedance, Scaling, Scrap, and Scheduling software based on internal naming convention (with data mining capabilities and Six Sigma Analytics built in)
  • Online Library for Specification, Certifications, Prints, Tech Data Sheets, etc.
  • Windows Vista, Office 2007, Linux
  • Exchange 2007, Intranet, SharePoint Portal
  • AutoCAD LT2000 Software with color plotter