Quality Assurance Tools

Inner Layer AOI

  • CAD Down Load Capability
  • Laser and Reflective Capability
  • Inspect Both Inner Layer and Outer Layers

Outer Layer AOI


  • Image Pro Plus – analysis system
  • On Screen measurements for accuracy
  • Utilized at Lamination, Laser Drill, Plasma Etchback, Copper Plating, and Final Verification

Electrical Test Flying Probe

  • HDI compatible
  • QTA Enhancement
  • Fixtureless Design
  • High Voltage Capabilities
  • Exceeds 3000 test points per minute
  • Capable of touching 2-mil pads on 4-mil pitch
  • Electrical Test Capabilities
  • Up to 1000 Volt & 100 meg ohm
  • Both Fixture and Fixtureless
  • Hi-Pot Testing up to 6000 VDC

Impedance Tester

  • Polar CITS 500S Controlled Impedance Test System (TDR)
  • Single and Differential Impedance Capability
  • Impedance Verification During In- Process and Final Acceptance
  • Data Uploaded For Process Analysis and Improvement