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Materials Product   Description IPC 4101/4103
Arlon 25N   Low Loss Ceramic Filled Thermoset Resin IPC-4103 /10
33N   Polyimide UL-94 V0
35N   Polyimide /40 /41
37N   PrePreg, No-Flow Polyimide /42
55NT   Epoxy Thermount /55
85N   Bromine-free, High Operating Temp /40 /41
85NT   Polyimide Thermount /53
CuClad 250GX   Woven glass/PTFE composite IPC-4103/02
IsoClad 917   PTFE /04
51N   PrePreg Low-Flow Lead-Free /124
49N   PrePreg Low-Flow Lead-Free /24
Dupont Pyralux LG   PrePreg Low Flow IPC-4203/17
Gore SPEEDBOARD C   low Dk BT resin in toughening matrix  
Isola IS415   Lead free, Enhanced CAF, electrical performance /24 (/21 /26 /28 /121 /124 /129)
FR406   High Tg /21 /24 /26
FR406HR   Lead Free (No phenolics) /21 /24 /26 /28 /121
370HR   Lead free, Low CTE /26 (/21 /24 /98 /99 /101 /126)
GETEK   Low Dk Df, 175 C Tg, for High speed /25
A11   PrePreg, No-Flo, heat sink bonding, die cavity boards /20
Nelco N4000-6FC   Fast-Cure, High Tg /24 /26 /28
N4000-7   Low CTE  /24* /98
N4000-7ef   165ºC Tg Halogen-Free /94
N4000-29   Lead free, ROHS, High Tg FR4 /24 /26 /83 /98 /99 /126
N4000-13   High Speed, Low Loss /29
N4000-13EP   Thermal reliability, CAF resistant, high speed low loss /29
N4000-13si   Signal Integrity, High Speed, Low Loss /29
N5000   BT Epoxy /30
Nelcote E-746   PrePreg, Service temperatures up to 500F MIL‐R‐9300B Type II
Norplex-Micarta NP511   Unclad G10 MIL-I-24768/3
Rogers RT/duroid 5880   PTFE IPC-4103/03/04
6002   PTFE  
4003C   Hydrocarbon Ceramic IPC-4103 /10
4230   Hydrocarbon Ceramic  
4232   Halogen free, Antenna grade  
4350B   Hydrocarbon Ceramic IPC-4103 /11
4403   Hydrocarbon Ceramic  
4450B   Hydrocarbon Ceramic IPC-4103 /11
4450F   Hydrocarbon Ceramic IPC-4103 /11
Holefill Product   Description Type
Taiyo THP-100DX1   160 C Tg by TMA, CTE 32ppm by TMA Non-conductive
San-Ei Kagaku PHP-900 IR-10F   160 C Tg by TMA, CTE 32ppm by TMA Non-conductive
Peters PP 2795   >140 C Tg by TMA, CTE 40ppm Non-conductive
SD2361   Epoxy Non-conductive
DuPont CB100   91-93.5% solids (solvent based), Ag and Cu fillers Conductive (electrically and thermally)
Sumitomo Bakelite - Composite Materials X28075-2HT   Used to fill Aluminum and Copper cores Non-conductive
Surface Finish       Thickness
In-House   Hot Air Solder Level (HASL) coverage to 1.5 mils
    Electroless Ni Imm. Gold (ENIG) 120-250 uIn Ni, 2-8 uIn Au
    Hot Oil Reflow .3 to .5 mils plated
    IR Fused same
    Selective Solder Strip same
    Electrolytic Ni/Gold 200-400 uIn Ni, 5-15 uIn Au (30-50 uIn for tabs)
    Electrolytic Hard Ni  
    Carbon Ink Minico Ink
    Selective Finishes Typically a global solderable finish after a selective hard/soft gold finish has been applied.
Subcontract   Electroless Bondable Soft Au  
    Electrolytic Gold (Soft) For wire bond typically 30-50µIn on selective features. Gold has purity >99.9%, with 50-90 Knoop hardness.
    OSP .2 to .35 microns
    Immersion Silver 6-18 uIn (15 uIn nominal)
    Lead Free HASL  
Soldermask Product   Description Type
Taiyo PSR-4000 HFX   Halogen-Free (except Red)
Extremely Fast Photospeed
Fine Dam Resolution
Excellent Resistance to ENIG and Immersion Tin
Available in Dark Green, Satin Finish
RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free Compatible
PSR-4000 MP   Available in Dark Green Matte and Satin and Black Matte
Excellent Solder Ball Resistance
Resistance to No-Clean Flux Residue
Excellent Resistance to ENIG and Immersion Tin
Find Dam Resolution
Hard Surface Finish
RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free Compatible
PSR-4000 BN   Available in a Green or Dark Green Semi-Gloss
High Viscosity Version for Better Edge Coverage on High Traces
Best in Class for Small Hole Clearing
Fine Dam Resolution
Withstands ENIG and Immersion Tin
RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free Compatible
  colors (Black, Blue, Clear, Red, White, and Yellow Semi-Gloss)
  LDI-4000   For LDI and Conventional Exposing
Low Halogen
Dark Green Satin Finish
RoHS Compliant
Compatable with Lead-Free Processing
Fine Dam Resolution
Excellent Small Hole Clearing
Wide Processing Window
Excellent Resistance to ENIG and Immersion Tin
DuPont Vacrel 8100   3 - 4 mils thick Photopolymer Dry Film
Electra EMP 110   Carapace Family, Green (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow) LPI
Rohm&Haas ConforMask 2500   IPC-SM-840B Class 3 and IPC-SM-840C Class T&H, MIL-P-55110D and Bellcore, High gloss Photopolymer Dry Film
Dynamask 5000   IPC SM840C Class T & H, Mil P55110D and Bellcore Photopolymer Dry Film
Metal Cores Product   Description Type
Schlenk CIC   Invar foil with copper plating and/or Cu/Zn-Treatment on both sides. IPC-CF-152/2 CIC W X X
Bergquist Co T-Clad   This is often aluminum, but other metals such as copper may also be used. The most widely used base material thickness is 0.062" (1.6mm) in aluminum, although many thicknesses are available.  
Aluminum Cores    
Copper Cores    
Stainless Steel      
Heatsinks Product   Description Type
Laminate Composite    
Composite / Laminate / CuFilled / Milled